BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack
BITE Bar Doublepack

BITE Bar Doublepack

  • As a high-energy snack at any time
  • Gluten free oatmeal
  • Dates, quinoa, rice crispies
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BITE Bar Choco

Gluten-free whole oat flakes (38,5%), rice syrup, dried date cubes 15% (dates, rice flour), agave syrup, coconut chips, chocolate 4% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier soya lecithin, flavor: vanillin), rice crispies (rice flour), cocoa powder 3%, puffed quinoa, sunflower oil, salt.

60g bar.

BITE Bar Cranberry

Whole oat flakes 29%, rice syrup, dates (dried dates, rice flour), agave syrup, coconut chips 9%, cranberries 8% (dried cranberries [60%], apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil), sunflower oil, raisins (dried grapes, sunflower oil), puffed quinoa, crushed almonds, sea salt.

60g bar.

BITE Bar Peanut Butter

Whole oat flakes 38 %, agave syrup, rice syrup, peanuts 10 %, peanut paste
from roasted peanuts 10 %, sunflower oil, puffed quinoa, sea salt.

The BITE is flexible to use. Perfectly suited before training or game when you could not eat anything more and still want energy.

720g box. Contains 12 servings.
24,99€ (34,70€/1kg)

The energy bar for more power on the pitch.

Immediately more energy: On an empty stomach to the training and match? Does not have to be! Just treat yourself to Matchday Nutrition BITE beforehand and you'll rock every session!



Without carbohydrates you lack the power to give full throttle for 90 minutes before training or the game! Our specially developed for footballers energy bar solves this problem for you from now on!

100% natural ingredients
Zero Bullshit.

Bars packed with sugar, fat and harmful additives like canola oil or wheat are heavy on your stomach and don't give you the power you really need!

We provide you with gluten-free oatmeal, dates & quinoa for maximum power on the court! Super tasty and quickly digestible!



"Before every workout and match I rely on the BITE Bar - I love the bar! Does not lie heavy in the stomach and gives energy immediately."


Our BITE is specially developed for you as a soccer player! You need clean energy from power carbohydrates before training and games! Before the game, a protein bar is not the right thing for you and also most energy bars consist of far too much fat, sugar and harmful ingredients such as wheat, canola oil or invert sugar syrup. You need a bar that gives you more energy immediately and doesn't feel like a stone in your stomach!

Our motto: 100% clean ingredients for maximum power on the pitch! Our BITE consists of the best carbohydrate sources for footballers: gluten-free oatmeal, dates, quinoa and rice!

Our energy bar is an all around weapon! The best way to use it is as a power snack before training and games! Perfect if you again do not know what to eat before the unit. You can also eat half a bar during the half-time break, for example, so that you can fill your stores for the second 45 minutes! Or you treat yourself to the delicious bar simply as a reward for your performance in the game!

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Andre Kucera

BITE Bar Doublepack

Claudia Hepkeskin-Moosmann
Lecker und super als Snack

Sehr lecker und gibt Kraft fürs Spiel

Markus Schreiber

Schmeckt gut und gibt die nötige Power!

Guido van der Zee
Very tasty! And super easy to digest

Cranberry is my favourite as I like fruit bars. But peanut also very good and gives some extra calories. Eating it 10 min before and never gives me stomach problems

Jordan Swys

Perfekt wenn man vor spiel oder Training nichts großes mehr essen möchte aber dennoch Energie braucht kann es nur weiter empfehlen es ist besser als sich irgendwelche ungesunden Schoko Riegel zu geben und schmeckt auch noch sehr gut.